Meet The Team

Melanie Amini

Founder and Chief Coffee Inspector

Melanie is the founder of Discovering Coffee and a glorified coffee addict. A professional marketer by day and mobile/web startups advisor by night, she really loves the internet. Talk to her about cars, cats, fashion and sushi. Or you can indulge her secret obsession with bearded hipsters and her not so secret obsession with good coffee. Tweet her @TheMelAmini and follow her on Instagram @TheMelAmini.

Stefanie Amini

Co-Founder and Chief Coffee Drinker

Stefanie is the co-founder and Chief Coffee drinker at Discovering Coffee. She is an undercover tech geek and a mainstream hipster with a love for fashion. She is a self confessed foodie with a special penchant for coffee. Her day job, a professional marketer and Start-up advisor/blogger, led her to found Women in Wireless Israel. Find her on Instagram, day or night.

Roxy Vespa

Contributor & Resident Coffee Lover

Kaie Bird is often found scootin’ around Tel Aviv, in search of the next big cafe, waiting to be discovered by the masses. Devottee of coffee and quality, she is also the co- founder of Sharing Tables, a new food blog for the Israeli Foodie scene. When not in Tel Aviv, Kaie is an expert wanderlust for seeking out coffee and food scenes around the world. You can find lovely food photos on the Sharing Tables instagram and find Kaie’s goofy adventures on instagram at RoxyVespa.


Why Discovering Coffee

It’s simple, we are a group of coffee lovers and we want to teach you about good Coffee! Throw away that instant coffee because we are going to take you on a journey. We want to provide an in-depth look at what coffee exists around the world and from here we can discover coffee together.  We will cover location, cafe style, whether its a good place to work from, what coffee they serve and where the beans origin.